Meet the Team



Chief Executive Officer

eMalick is a neuroscientist applying neural network artificial intelligence heuristics to determine what genes cause diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Expressing how the brain works is a challenge and unmet need that he believes can be solved with the emerging field of virtual reality and good story-telling. Originally from The Gambia, he now lives in New York City.

Olivia is a neuroscientist and artist who studies sensory perception to better understand how the mind translates and integrates sensory signals into subjective realities. She is pursuing a PhD at Rockefeller University. Previously, she earned a degree in Neuroscience from Barnard College of Columbia University and worked as a research technician in the lab of Nobel prize winner Eric Kandel. Currently living in New York City and originally from New Jersey, she believes that awe is the most profound human experience.


Chief Creative Officer



Chief Medical Officer

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia and now living in New York City, Daniel is a physician-scientist in training who studies circadian rhythms and sleep in the Nobel prize-winning lab of Dr. Michael Young at Rockefeller University. He trained in biology at Columbia University, where he studied how developmental changes in neurons affect mechanosensation. While in medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College, he designed and executed a clinical study looking at the use of portable imaging devices to help identify ophthalmological pathologies. He is deeply interested in applying emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, to improve healthcare and access to it.



Operations & Technical Director

JaRed, hailing from the Bronx, NY, is a content creator and producer focused on using innovative technologies to push the limits of creativity. In partnerships with the United Nations and New York Fashion Week, he has directed events that bring together creative and humanitarian communities. With his knowledge of the extended reality platforms, he strives to develop forward-thinking projects that can be accessible in the hand and home of audiences worldwide. Growing up playing classic video games, he hopes to release experiences that similarly influence the generations to come.


Content Director

Nomi Ganbold is a creative director from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, working to improve how the entertainment industry provides authentic immersive experiences. Nomi attempts to incorporate her culture within her projects to shed light on issues in Mongolia and to create a bridge to make it easier for others from her homeland to pursue their dreams. With a passion for authentic and original narratives, she hopes to inspire other storytellers to imagine and create the impossible. Nomi believes extended realities the capacity to enrich lives, empower culture awareness and connect people and professionals on a global scale.



Debra L. Davis is a strategic advisor and visionary investor in augmented and virtual reality technologies. Debra is the Founder of NKLS, an advisory and investment firm working with a range of clients from the Fortune 50 to independent pre-funding startups on XR solutions. NKLS advises on content development with a focus on manufacturing, retail and hospitality to bring innovative new solutions to market. NKLS also partners with start-ups on business development, product development and marketing strategies. Debra has been active in the AR/VR field for many years, starting with her experiences at the enterprise AR solution provider Upskill (formerly APX Labs).


XR Innovation Specialist

Originally coming from Greece but now living in Stockholm, Stamatina covers the European market. Recently graduated from the Karolinska Institutet with a Masters in Medical Science and extended training in research, she has a strong focus on innovation and science communication. She believes that VR/XR can be a revolutionary tool for further understanding of how the brain works on health and disease and is excited to be part of that revolution.

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Senior Film Advisor

Christoph Rainer is an Austrian filmmaker whose short films have been invited to over 300 film festivals worldwide, screened at museums such as the MoMA, and have won numerous awards including the TIFF Emerging Filmmaker Award. He studied at Film Academy in Vienna under Michael Haneke and at Columbia University, with a Fulbright scholarship. He has also been the founder and director of the Shortynale Film Festival in Austria for the past eight years.