Bent Spoon

We have developed a system where users can use their mind to control their computer. We do this by reading brainwave data into artificial intelligence neural networks to categorize brain states as actions.

“The [computer] mouse is probably the narrowest straw you could try to suck all of human expression through.”

- Joy Mountford (Head of Human Computer Interactions at Apple, 1986-1994)

Utility examples of brainwave reading as computer interface. Our API can read signatures of intention like if a user intends to move a video game character left or right or be combined with certain physical actions such as an eye blink that can communicate to programs in various contexts including gaming or normal operating system interactions.




Electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave reading technology presents a natural means to interact in digital environments by simply thinking of actions.  We created Bent Spoon, a cloud platform where users stream their thoughts to the cloud using off-the-shelf consumer brain-wave reading devices. In the cloud, our platform receives the data, our AI predicts the user intent, and sends back the prediction to initiate computer action of what the user wanted.  This occurs with minimal latency, so gaming or other operations are not interrupted. 

Watch the first moment our team got the initial Bent Spoon prototype working at the XR Brain Jam hosted by the Games for Change festival in the video below.



Not all potential video gamers have the physical capacity to use controllers or walk around a virtual space.

Interactions in digital domains are often complex and non-intuitive.  Computers require mice, and games require controllers with ten buttons or more.  This presents a high barrier to entry for many.

Our Bent Spoon API uses electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwaves as raw data.

Project Awards & Contact

Our Bent Spoon platform is available to clients and developers via our API. The initial build won top honors at the 2018 Grames for Change festival. If you would like a demo or a customizable application of Bent Spoon to suit to your needs, please contact


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