Patients with Parkinson's disease endure constant shaking of their hands 24 hours a day for multiple years. For the first time, we provide a technology where their hands no longer shake.

Good Vibrations





Our virtual reality technology allows patients to enter a new reality where they are asymptomatic, free of debilitating tremors. We have built a Tremor Healing gaming platform that provides relief from tremors by sampling their trajectory and canceling their velocity. This occurs at 3x tremor frequency resulting instantaneous hand stabilization to manipulate digital environments and feel free of the disease.\

Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder impacting 10 million people. Patients with the Parkinson's have a ~5Hz tremor in their extremities, including their hands, making simple activities challenging.



CEO Dr. eMalick Njie with a Parkinson's patient at the NYU Theatre and Health Forum 2019

Tremor Healing




Controllers being shaken at the same rate, one without and one with Tremor Healing technology applied

For Caregivers

We flipped our Tremor Healing platform to give caregivers a direct insight in to the life of patients. Normal controller movement will be filtered in virtual reality resulting in shakiness and demonstrating the impossibility of performing mundane tasks. We hope this one-to-one transference of Parkinsonian symptoms results in greater empathy and care.

Project Awards & Contact

Our Tremor Healing platform won top honors at the 2019 Games For Change Festival. If you would like a demo or a customizable application of Good Vibrations to your needs, please contact

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